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Dear Traders.

The world of cryptocurrency never sleeps, and this past week has been particularly buzzing with major news and developments. From significant legal settlements to technological advancements, here's a roundup of the most recent happenings in the crypto sphere.

What is Crypto Pulse:

In the middle of the constant excitement in the constantly changing cryptocurrency space, a number of notable events over the past week have kept enthusiasts on the edge of their seats. A notable development in the cryptocurrency space has been the settlement of significant legal challenges, which has given the market more stability and clarity.

Technological developments have also been quite noticeable at the same time, drawing interest from the cryptocurrency community with their creative fixes and upgrades. This Crypto Pulse is a reflection of the industry's dynamic character, where new advancements and opportunities for investors and blockchain aficionados alike appear to arise every day.

Regardless of your level of experience, following the Crypto Pulse is crucial for managing the constantly shifting trends of the frontier of digital finance.

Crypto Pulse: Weekly News Round-Up

Here's a concise summary of the week's most impactful news in the cryptocurrency sphere, keeping your finger on the Crypto Pulse for updates on significant developments.

  1. Binance and DOJ: The U.S. Department of Justice argues that Binance's former CEO should remain free until sentencing, but only within the U.S. This development could have implications for the exchange's global operations​​.
  2. Cosmos Hub Developments: The founder of Cosmos calls for a chain split, affecting the ATOM token and its ecosystem, demonstrating the dynamic nature of blockchain governance​​.
  3. KyberSwap Hacked: KyberSwap, a decentralized exchange, was hacked for $48 million, a significant event raising concerns over DeFi security​​.
  4. Do Kwon's Extradition: A Montenegro court has approved the extradition of Terra's Do Kwon, a decision that could have repercussions for the broader crypto market​​.
  5. Binance Settles for $4B: Binance agreed to a $4 billion settlement in a U.S. criminal case, with CEO Changpeng Zhao resigning and pleading guilty​​.
  6. Bitcoin Hashrate War Escalates: The competition between Antpool and Foundry intensified, highlighting the competitive nature of Bitcoin mining as the Bitcoin ETF nears​​.
  7. Ethereum's Layer 2 Debate: The implementation of Layer 2 solutions in Ethereum spurred discussions about their impact on scalability and efficiency​​.
  8. Bitcoin's Anti-Censorship Questioned: The acknowledgment of a ‘filter' by the mining pool F2Pool brought Bitcoin's anti-censorship principles to the fore​​.


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Upcoming Crypto Events

Noteworthy Events in the Crypto World

  1. Beldex TestNet Hardfork: Scheduled for November 27, 2023, Beldex announces a significant TestNet hardfork at block height 1251330​​.
  2. Beldex iOS Wallet Update: A major update for Beldex's iOS wallet is set to release, marking a significant enhancement for users​​.
  3. Qtum Mandatory Update: Qtum has announced a mandatory update for its mainnet, expected around 00:24 UTC on November 27, 2023​​.
  4. Binance Japan Listing: Binance expands its reach with a new listing in Japan, adding to the platform's global presence​​.
  5. Flux Major News: Flux teases substantial news regarding its Web3 interoperability efforts, an exciting development in the space​​.
  6. USH Airdrop: An airdrop event is set for rewarding active community members involved in liquidity provision and $HTM staking​​.
  7. Bad Idea AI Chatbot V3.0 Launch: The AI Chatbot for Telegram by Bad Idea AI gets an upgrade to V3.0, enhancing user interaction with advanced features​​.
  8. WeSendit MEXC Listing: WeSendit will be listed on MEXC with the WSI/USDT pair, a new trading opportunity for the community​​.
  9. Scribe Available to All: Previously limited to manually approved creator pool owners, Scribe is now accessible to all users​​.
  10. Vertex Protocol Bitrue Listing: Vertex Protocol gets listed on Bitrue with the VRTX/USDT pair, widening its market accessibility​​.
  11. Tenset Bitget Listing: Tenset will be listed on Bitget with the 10SET/USDT pair, offering a new trading avenue for investors​​.
  12. AMA with Ciphers on Concordium Blockchain: An AMA session with Ciphers focuses on bridging real-world assets and NFTs on the Concordium blockchain​​.
  13. Sonic Testnet Upgrade: The Sonic testnet is reopening, focusing on swap transactions and boasting over 2,000 TPS​​.
  14. Abu Dhabi Finance Week: A significant event where global financial industry leaders discuss economic and technological opportunities and challenges​​.
  15. AMA with Arbitrum: An AMA session with Arbitrum focuses on building and growing the ecosystem, scheduled for 12:00 PM (EST)​​.
  16. QPIP-4 Vote for Qredo: A crucial vote for Qredo's QPIP-4, which could lead to significant changes in the platform​​.



Free Crypto Signals Review

Last Week's Crypto Signals Performance

In November 2023, the All In One Crypto App's crypto signals showcased the following performance:

  • Total Signals: 3
  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 1
  • Breakeven: 0
  • Profit Percentage: 14.09%
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These statistics reflect a solid performance with a majority of the signals resulting in wins. The winrate of over 66% and a profit percentage of 14.09% indicate the effectiveness of the signals provided by the platform for that month.


Accurate Crypto Market Prediction Review

In the last month, the All In One Crypto App's crypto signals have shown impressive results:

  • SOL Performance: A signal for SOL predicted a 90% potential gain, which played out well, underlining the accuracy and potential of these crypto signals​​.
  • Market Update and Gains: Another update highlighted coins with a potential gain of 250% and 90%, showcasing the depth of market analysis and the potential for significant returns​​.
  • Bitcoin Success: A signal pertaining to Bitcoin met all its targets, demonstrating the platform's ability to accurately predict market movements​​.

Overall, these results paint a picture of a robust and reliable signal system, capable of navigating the complexities of the crypto market and providing users with actionable insights for profitable trading decisions.

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All In One Crypto App Exclusive Features

Exploring the Revolutionary Trading Tools of the All In One Crypto App

  1. AI-based Future Trading Bots: This innovative feature utilizes advanced AI and technical analysis to swiftly analyze market trends. By interpreting indicators and patterns, the AI-based bot executes trades free from human emotion, ensuring consistent, data-driven results. It's a step into the future of trading, offering an edge in rapidly changing markets​​.
  2. DCA (Dollar-Cost Averaging) Trading Bots: These bots optimize crypto gains by automatically purchasing assets at set intervals. This strategy is ideal for investors at all experience levels, promoting smarter and more disciplined investing strategies​​.
  3. Copy Trading Bots: For those who are either new to trading or too busy to manage their trades actively, the Copy Trading Bots provide a convenient solution. These bots mirror the moves of experienced analysts in real-time, enabling users to trade effortlessly while maintaining control over their investments​​.


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