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Anonymity in the Crypto Industry— Why Investors Need Bitcoin Mixers

Bitcoin creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, envisioned digital assets as an anonymous financial instrument. Unfortunately, in reality, cryptocurrency transactions are not entirely confidential. Many tools and services can be used to de-anonymize the owners of digital assets. For example, exchanges collect data about their users and develop transaction trackers. Anonymity can still be preserved though. Why does … Continued

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Germany’s Institutional Funds Can Hold 20% In Crypto Starting August 2

There could be a flood of institutional investments coming from Germany starting next week. On Monday, August 2, a law is coming into effect that allows Germany’s institutional investors – under the Spezialfonds category – to invest in Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies. Institutional players like pension funds and insurers can access these funds. Together,

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TA: Ethereum (ETH) Outpaces Bitcoin, Why Bulls Aim Larger Increase

Ethereum is up over 5% and it broke the $2,400 resistance against the US Dollar. ETH price outpaced bitcoin and it seems like there are chances of more gains above $2,450. Ethereum started a fresh increase and it managed to surpass the $2,320 resistance zone. The price is now trading well above $2,300 and the 100 hourly simple moving average. There is a major bullish trend line forming with support near $2,340 on the hourly chart of ETH/USD (data feed via Kraken). The pair could correct lower, but the bulls are likely to remain active near $2,390 and $2,350. Ethereum Price is Gaining Pace Ethereum formed a support base above $2,250 and started a fresh increase, outpacing bitcoin. ETH price gained strength and it broke the main $2,300 and $2,320 resistance levels. The price even surged above the $2,400 level and the 100 hourly simple moving average. It opened the doors for more gains and the price traded as high as $2,450 level. It is now correcting gains from the $2,450 resistance zone. Ether is approaching the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the upward wave from the $2,303 swing low to $2,451 high. The first major support is near the $2,390 and $2,380 levels. It is near the 50% Fib retracement level of the upward wave from the $2,303 swing low to $2,451 high. There is also a major bullish trend line forming with support near $2,340 on the hourly chart of ETH/USD. Source: ETHUSD on The next key support is near the $2,280 level and the 100 hourly simple moving average. A clear downside break below the $2,280 support zone could lead the price towards the $2,200 support. More Gains in ETH? If ethereum remains stable $2,340, it could continue to rise in the near term. An immediate resistance on the upside is near the $2,450 level. A clear break and close above $2,450 might start another steady increase. In the stated case, the price could easily rise towards the $2,500 level. The next key resistance is near the $2,550 level, above which the price might test $2,680 in the near term. Technical Indicators Hourly MACD – The MACD for ETH/USD is now gaining pace in the bullish zone. Hourly RSI – The RSI for ETH/USD is now correcting lower from the overbought zone. Major Support Level – $2,340 Major Resistance Level – $2,450

Is Chinese Tech Giant Tencent Planning to Enter NFT Market Soon?

Amid the growing craze for NFTs among Chinese investors, it looks like Chinese tech giant Tencent is planning to enter the NFT market soon. In an exclusive update, popular Chinese journalist Colin Wu reported: “China’s largest Internet company Tencent will enter the NFT, including music, games, news content, etc.” Exclusive: China’s largest Internet company Tencent

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Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC Bullish Outlook Steadies Above $40,000 As PayPal Launches Crypto Exchange In The UK

A daily close above $40,000 could see Bitcoin nurture a key uptrend to $50,000. PayPal to debut a crypto exchange platform in the UK as the market turns green. Bitcoin must target a break above the 100 SMA in the short term to validate the impending upswing. Bitcoin price has remained pivotal at $40,000 for

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TA: Bitcoin Turns Green, Why Close Above $40K Is Crucial

Bitcoin price is trading in a positive zone above the $39,000 level against the US Dollar. BTC must settle above $40,000 for a sustained upward move in the near term. Bitcoin is trading positively above the $38,500 and $38,800 support levels. The price is still trading well above $39,000 and the 100 hourly simple moving average. There is a major bullish trend line forming with support near $39,000 on the hourly chart of the BTC/USD pair (data feed from Kraken). The pair is likely to accelerate higher if it settles above $40,200 and $40,500. Bitcoin Price Could Gain Momentum Bitcoin price remained well bid above the $38,200 support zone. BTC started a steady increase and it even broke the $39,000 level and the 100 hourly simple moving average. However, the bulls are struggling to gain strength above the $40,000 zone. The last high was formed near $40,920 before there was a minor downside correction. The price corrected below the $40,000 support level. There was a break below the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the upward wave from the $36,340 swing low to $40,920 high. The price even traded below $39,500, but the bulls were active above the $39,000 support. There is also a major bullish trend line forming with support near $39,000 on the hourly chart of the BTC/USD pair. The price is also trading nicely above the 50% Fib retracement level of the upward wave from the $36,340 swing low to $40,920 high. On the upside, an initial resistance is near the $40,200 level. The first key resistance is near the $40,500 level. Source: BTCUSD on If there is an upside break above the $40,500 resistance zone, there are chances of more upsides. The next major resistance is near the $41,000 and $41,200 levels. A close above $41,200 could trigger a steady increase towards the $43,500 level. Dip Supported in BTC? If bitcoin fails to climb above the $40,200 and $40,500 resistance levels, it could start a downside correction. An initial support on the downside is near the $39,200 level. The first major support is now near the $39,000 zone and the 100 hourly SMA. A clear downside break below the trend line and $39,000 might call for a move towards the $38,000 level. The next major support is near the $37,800 zone. Technical indicators: Hourly MACD – The MACD is slowly gaining pace in the bullish zone. Hourly RSI (Relative Strength Index) – The RSI for BTC/USD is now above the 50 level. Major Support Levels – $39,200, followed by $39,000. Major Resistance Levels – $40,200, $40,500 and $42,000.

Why Another Wave Up For Altcoins Is Probable According To BTC Dominance

BTC dominance has always had an inverse effect on the price movements for altcoins. Historically, BTC dominance determines the direction the value of altcoins swings in. Bitcoin has so far maintained majority dominance on the market. But as more time passes, that dominance goes down as altcoins see more demand. BTC dominance simply shows how much demand there is for bitcoin compared to altcoins. The more BTC dominance rises, the lower the demand for altcoins. This means that for altcoins to rally up further, bitcoin demand has to go down. Related Reading | Ethereum Breaks 200,000 Validators Milestone, Over $14 Billion Now Staked In ETH 2.0 Over the years, this dominance has decreased as more and more investors put money in altcoins. One reason for this being a lot of investors feel they have missed the boat with bitcoin and thus are trying to get in early enough on altcoins. Others revolve around the new technological advancements being made by altcoin projects. Hence, investors are putting money into projects that they believe in. How Current BTC Dominance Affects Altcoins BTC dominance has continually declined over the past couple of months. Currently sitting at 48.97% dominance, bitcoin now has less than half of the entire market dominance. This trend shows that demand for altcoins is on the rise. So, BTC dominance will continue to see declining numbers. As the dominance declines, the value of altcoins will continue to go up. Market trends indicate that BTC dominance is poised to drop following the latest recovery. BTC dominance currently sits at less than 50% | Source: Market Cap BTC Dominance on When this happens, the demand for alts is expected to pick up very quickly. Leading to another upward wave for the altcoin market. Coins like the number 2 coin Ethereum are forecasted to gain even more dominance as the project gains more notoriety among the investment sector. With ETH 2.0 moving the network to proof of stake and using significantly less power to mine. The reduced environmental impact will mean that mining will become less of a problem. What This Means For Bitcoin Alts gaining more dominance does not negate the value of bitcoin. Currently, there are over 5,000 coins in the market all vying for market share. And some of these projects come with some very innovative ideas and tech. Thus, it is expected that as time passes, some of these projects will become popular. Therefore gaining more market share as more investors come into the market. Related Reading | Fast Money’s Brian Kelly Remains Bullish On Bitcoin, Here’s Why The declining BTS dominance just means that bitcoin is not the only digital asset investors are rushing to get into. Despite decreasing dominance, bitcoin still remains the number 1 coin in the market. Being the first cryptocurrency and the reason why cryptocurrencies are currently so popular. But as alts rally in what is usually known as “alts season,” bitcoin will continue to see declining dominance. This will translate to the price of altcoins rallying massively as interest in them grows. Featured image from CryptoPotato, chart from

Ripple Teams Up with SBI To Launch First On-Demand Liquidity Service In Japan

Blockchain firm Ripple Labs Inc. has launched its new On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) payment service in Japan. SBI Remit Partners On New ODL Project Ripple announced that the ODL service was launched by SBI Remit, the subsidiary of its major Japanese partner SBI Holdings. According to Ripple’s blog post, SBI Remit is partnering with Philippines […]

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Interview: Crypto Damus On Successfully Combining Bitcoin TA With Financial Astrology

Bitcoin is booming all over mainstream finance and throughout social media. Other cryptocurrencies are nearly as hot, and even meme stocks like GameStop, AMC, and others have brought retail into finance like never before. It also has uncovered some of the more unorthodox parts of finance, such as financial astrology. Financial astrology has been around for as long as markets have been trading, but has recently become popular through the likes of Twitter and TikTok influencers. But not everyone is hopping on the trend. We’ve had the opportunity to sit down and speak to a pro in astrology who spent more than two decades learning the craft. They’re a leader in the field of financial astrology and technical analysis market timing, and are here to explain how the innovative combo can be applied to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. Interview With Financial Astrologer, Technical Analyst Crypto Damus NewsBTC: Can you start with a short introduction with how you first became interested in financial astrology and how that journey began? Crypto Damus: I had noticed many correlations between markets and astrology over the years and read an article in The Mountain Astrologer about the financial astrologer Ray Merriman. I subscribed to his reports for a few years and became inspired to create my own forecast report specifically for Bitcoin and Crypto. What came first, an interest in astrology or finance? And where does Bitcoin and crypto come into the fold for you? I had already been involved in astrology for many years before getting specifically into financial astrology. I got interested in Bitcoin in 2017 and was curious to see if I could bring astrology techniques to predict Bitcoin price movement and started a free report in late 2017. We had some success early on and went to paid subscription in 2019. In 2019 we predicted the January market bottom in January and also the spring rally and June blow off top down to a ten day period months in advance, and also predicted the months long summer/fall downtrend that followed. We also predicted the March 2020 sell off, although not how severe it would be. Since then we have successfully called many major market tops and bottoms. But we have made mistakes too, Astro TA is pretty new and I continue to learn, improve and refine my techniques. What about Bitcoin do you believe in? I believe Bitcoin is part of several larger trends. First I believe Bitcoin is the first international world currency that transcends international borders and national currencies and central banks, this can help world commerce and bring people together and unify the world. Second, Bitcoin is part of the generational technological shift in global finance from material value like paper money and Gold into digital value. Third, Bitcoin and Crypto in general is clearly part of a larger generation shift in investing; clearly Crypto is the new stock market for millennials and one of the best performing assets in the world on a 5-7 timeframe. Bitcoin presents a generational investment opportunity. Obviously this is a lot further sweeping of a question, but what are some key points that cause you to believe so strongly in financial astrology and astrology in general? This is a longer discussion but generally I consider astrology to be a universal language that reveals the deeper nature of reality. The correlation of Astrology to world events and market movement are clear and compelling, the data we have is convincing and we think astrology adds another component to trading and investing that combined with other types of analysis, can give an edge. For example in Sept 2019 on Twitter and in my subscription reports I predicted and warned my followers of a major global crisis in 2020 and recommended Gold specifically, which did very well in 2020, unfortunately we were correct and knowledge is power, knowing what’s coming can help you prepare. I can’t tell you how many people have told me they thought astrology was BS until they started following my analysis ! When they see the astrology play out in market piece action the correlations are undeniable. Macro Economic: Why are astrologers so worried about the Saturn/ Pluto conjunction of 2020 ? Because the Saturn/Pluto cycle has correlated with major political, economic and cultural crisis. breakdown of existing structure and change. Important Saturn/ Pluto years were…. — Crypto Damus (@AstroCryptoGuru) August 21, 2019 How did you arrive at the Crypto Damus name? LOL, well it’s basically a play on the famous astrologer Nostradamus who was said to be able to accurately predict future world events. Nostradamus Why do you think there are some people so opposed to the idea that astrology can work? There are a variety of complex reasons but it’s basically a symptom of closed mindedness to something you don’t understand. I mean honestly there is no rational reason why astrology works, you have to have a bit more open mindedness to a more mystical perspective that all things are somehow interconnected.Today we live in such a scientific materialist paradigm where science and logic are highly valued and this creates a lot of closed minded attitudes to more mystical, intuitive arts like astrology. I mean I love science but it’s not the only tool in the box. Astrology is such a unique language that many don’t understand and haven’t taken the time to understand and there is no way to “prove” astrology works, so many people simply reject astrology without actually genuinely investigating it for themselves. It’s like listening to someone speak Chinese and thinking it’s a bunch of gibberish simply because you don’t personally understand it. Also I think there is a misconception that Astrologers believe the planets “cause” events to happen, in general we look at it more as a language and as a study of energy pattern recognition and analysis. I offer a range of astrology education to help change this! What are your thoughts on the rise of financial astrology influencers on Twitter and TikTok recently, ie: Maren? What impact are they having on the practice? Social media in general is an amplifier for both information and disinformation, but if it’s used skillfully it can be a great way to introduce people to astrology. I mean generally I think it’s positive because it gets people, especially a younger generation, interested in astrology. Millennials are very interested in astrology and also in Crypto, so it’s a natural fit. Also Crypto people seem to be inherently a bit more open minded in general and I think they are more open minded to astrology. Maren specifically is quite controversial for a variety of reasons (valid or not) and people either seem to love her or hate her. Maren kind of stormed into the Crypto world and got a lot of attention for the same work I had been doing for years, which was a bit annoying. On the other hand she brought a lot of interest to financial astrology and more interest in my work as well. Some people don’t like it because she does a lot of videos in lingerie or whatever but I think it’s different and unique. I’m friendly with her and I was on her Podcast in January, but I don’t actually follow her work closely. Overall if she is reaching a younger audience, bringing more genuine interest to astrology and helping people to understand astrology better, I think it’s a good thing.  Trading Bitcoin And How Technical Analysis Works With Astrology How exactly do you leverage financial astrology within your own technical analysis? It’s quite complex, but basically we see astrology as another level of information that adds an edge to technical analysis and risk management. In one way you can say that astrological factors are simply another technical indicator that helps us understand the market price action and trend. Astrology can also help with timing and risk management, for example if you know a certain period is more or less favorable for trading you can add or reduce risk accordingly, it sometimes helps with when to close a trade, or take profits on a long term position. But like any technical signal it can give false signals too, so it;’s just one factor we look at. Has financial astrology ever predicted any correct market actions for you, and if so, can you provide some examples of that success? I think I already gave you two examples from 2019 and 2020, however we use it every day to help with swing trading as well as long term investing. I just recently accurately predicted the recent late July Bitcoin rebound rally to the day, based on Moon Phase data combined with technicals, and told our subscribers to add to long term positions and go long at 30600. We also use it to help assess ALT Coins and have recommended LINK for several years and recently recommended ADA and BNB   TA infused with astrology is the Crypto Damus way | Source: BTCUSD on Bigger picture data form 1977, 2000 and 2008 indicates Stock Market rallies tend top out in the middle of Uranus- Saturn hard aspects followed by multi year down trends. We have a Uranus- Saturn square in 2021-22, so we think the bull market in stocks could continue well into 2022, but likely tops out somewhere before OCT 2022, probably because the FED will have to raise rates. Can you provide some examples of what – for example – Saturn conjunct with Mars might mean for Bitcoin? Mars and Saturn are considered unfavorable planets, so when they come into conjunction it’s generally considered “bad luck” and brings problems, conflicts, epidemics and market corrections. Of course Mars and Saturn can in some cases also be favorable depending on the aspect alignments. How do you combine conventional technical indicators with financial astrology to develop a working system? That is an ever evolving thing. Right now in short term trading we study the planetary aspect picture, the moon phase data, and transits and progressions in the Bitcoin natal chart and come up with a rough forecast picture for Bitcoin. I also use my own natal chart quite a bit. One of the mysteries of financial astrology is that your own natal chart will often provide the most accurate information and clues for your personal trades. I work with other trades to identify favorable and unfavorable period s for trading. Then we study support and resistance levels, use traditional technical indicators like RSI, MACD and Stochastics with daily and weekly moving averages, and set some technical criteria for entries, stop losses and profit targets. So the astrology gives us a bear or bull bias on monthly and weekly time frames, then we use price action and technicals to confirm or invalidate our bias and also to manage the actual trades. We give all this info in our Patreon group and Substack reports Is there truth to things like Mercury in Retrograde, for example? Yes, Mercury rules travel, technology and communication, so when it goes retrograde 3x a years for three weeks each time these areas of like become more prone to problems. Technology in general and cars and phones and laptops more specifically seem to have more problems, or problems that have been brewing have to be dealt with. Also travel is more prone to delays and interpersonal communication can break down. It’s general discouraged to sign any long term binding contracts at that time.  Related Reading | Mercury in Retrograde: Why Bitcoin Traders Fear The Astrological Event But Mercury retro can also be good for certain things, like revising and editing, going through closets to de-clutter, returning to well worn places and visiting with old friend you haven;t seen. It;’s generally better for slowing down and re-thinking your approach rather than trying to push ahead too strongly or launch a big project, in this way astrology helps us be more in synch with the natural energy patterns of life. In financial astrology we often see whipsaw price action around Mercury retro and a change in market trend, we can often see problems, hacks and glitches at the major exchanges. How about the sun and moon cycles? How do these behaviors impact markets? Well, specifically in 2021 Bitcoin has made a remarkable correlation with Moon Phases. So far we have seen Bitcoin price trend down from the New Moon into the Full Moon, making seven market bottoms just before or on the past seven Full Moons within 1-3 days. And then rally strongly from the Full Moon into the New Moon, making 5/7 tops on the New Moon period. It’s not exact, but it’s close enough to give you a general ball park trend, and thus right now safer to trade long on the Full Moon and stay long into the New Moon and quickly flip short just before or on the New Moon. Now this correlation could change, but for now it’s been working. And how can everyday individuals use astrology to better other areas of their lives outside of the financial world? An astrology consultation from a professional astrologer can really provide profound insights into character and personality, career, relationships and money, it’s a powerful path for self knowledge. I give many consults to professional traders and investors looking for an edge. However astrology can be useful in many different areas of life such as medical astrology, geo location astrology and relationship astrology to name a few. Also following forecasts on general astrology can be very useful, as I mentioned, I and many other astrologers had predicted a major global crisis in 2020 ,and afterwards that the Pandemic would continue well into 2021, so this type of information can be helpful to know in advance. Specifically I predicted the Pandemic would improve May-July and worsen again in late July into late December, sadly appears to have been accurate so far. 1/ I closed my $BTC long this morning at 40k for 3rd win in a row, opened a small short Why ? Mars in Virgo opposing #BTC Venus today100 DMA and psychological level of 40k are tough resistance looking at 37400 or 35800 as possible support levels Stop at 40600 if I am wrong — Crypto Damus (@AstroCryptoGuru) July 29, 2021 Financial astrology dates back ages, and was highly popularized by W.D. Gann. Gann was equally considered a legend and a hoax due to the practices he claimed to rely on. What are your thoughts specifically on Gann? To be honest Gann was doing his own thing, with math and geometry and other techniques, he did use astrological techniques but he is not really considered a financial astrologer per se. I get this question a lot but I haven’t studied Gann and don’t use his techniques, so I cannot provide any specific insights on this question Are there any other worthy sources of financial astrology information? And how can the Bitcoinist audience learn more about what you offer? As I mentioned Ray Merriman from MMA cycles is one of the leading financial astrologers in the field and does coverage of Stocks and commodities. Grace Stahre and my teacher Christeen Skinner are some others. For me personally I have been the leader in the field for financial astrology specializing in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrecies. My Patreon group with 2-3x week updates for active traders can be located at and all my info on subscription services, consults, education and tutorials is on my website at I can be contacted at [email protected] You can also follow on Twitter at @AstroCryptoGuru. Follow @TonySpilotroBTC on Twitter or via the TonyTradesBTC Telegram. Content is educational and should not be considered investment advice. Featured image from iStockPhoto, Charts from

Asia’s Newest Unicorn, Amber Group, Accelerates Global Expansion to Bring Crypto Offerings to New Regions

Amber Group, the leading crypto trading and technology firm, announced today it will be dedicating significant resources toward expanding its geographic reach across the globe to help support customers in over 140 different countries and regions. After reaching unicorn status with its latest $100 million fundraise, Amber Group boosted its pre-money valuation to $1 billion, 10x its previous Series A round. As one of Asia’s fastest-growing businesses, Amber Group is annualizing $500 million in revenues and has nearly tripled its team with 370 team members across the globe. Founded in 2017, Amber Group services both institutions and individual investors. With a presence in Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul, and Vancouver, Amber Group is one of Asia’s foremost crypto finance service providers active in principal algorithmic trading, electronic market-making, high-frequency trading, OTC trading, borrowing and lending, derivatives, and other structured products. Earlier this year, Amber Group appointed partner, Annabelle Huang, to lead GlobalX Center, a strategic global expansion team established to grow the company’s institutional and retail product offerings in regions including South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei, North America, and more. “To build a truly global platform and serve a diversified user pool, we need dedicated efforts within different geographies to deliver customized and relevant products and services to our users,” said Annabelle Huang, partner at Amber Group. “We are setting up a new Global X Center initiative to focus solely on expanding our overseas user base through localized strategies and offerings. This is a top priority for our team this year.” Amber Group highlights opportunities that lie at the intersection of trading and financial technology. Active in the DeFi space as a liquidity provider and trader, the firm currently manages about $1.5 billion in AUM. In early Q3 2020, Amber Group launched their mobile app, ‘Amber App,’ to deliver an advanced suite of tools to assist users in achieving optimal investment returns on their investments. The launch has seen impressive user growth, with the number of registered users increasing four-fold since December 2020 to over 100,000. Amber App now supports nine languages including English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Turkish, and Russian. “We pride ourselves in being a truly global and diverse organization,” said Michael Wu, Co-Founder, and CEO of Amber Group. “It is important for us to work with clients across the US and UK markets because of the value they bring to the financial market. In order to meet client demand, our team will continue expanding global operations while developing market solutions for leading crypto investors and companies.” Focusing on crypto finance education has been key to reaching more users. Amber Group is collaborating with partners such as Contentos, a blockchain-based decentralized content ecosystem, and Platinum Academy, a financial education platform based in the UK. Amber Group is one of the world’s leading crypto finance service providers, operating 24/7 with a presence in Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul, and Vancouver. To date, Amber Group has raised a total of $128 million in funding from China Renaissance Group, Tiger Global Management, DCM Ventures, Tiger Brokers, Sky9 Capital, Arena Holdings, Tru Arrow Partners, A&T Capital, Gobi Partners, Paradigm, Pantera Capital, Coinbase Ventures,, Polychain Capital, Dragonfly Capital, and Fenbushi Capital. For more information, please visit:

“Innovative New Products” like Bitcoin Mini-Futures Leads to an Increase in CME Profits

Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group (CME), a popular regulated futures platform used by institutions, reported an increase in its second-quarter profit spurred by innovative products like micro futures of Bitcoin and oil that attracted the retail investors along with a drop in expenses and a rise in hedging against price moves. The overall average daily volume […]

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