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We have got you covered. As our member you will get access to the best crypto signals, news, tools and more.

  • 1
    Trend Analyzer AI
    We have made a simplified AI tool based on past data, different indicators and oscillators used while performing technical analysis. This tool will represent wording status of current trend in specified timeframe.
  • 2
    Trade Signals by AI Tool
    With the AI tool that we have developed you will not only analyze current trend. But with this you can make your own decision to trade on specified coins. This AI tool is working for all coins.
  • 3
    News Engine
    News is very crucial part if you are working on Fundamental Analysis so we have made one news aggregator which will help you to stay updated with all crypto related news. This aggregator will collect news from more than 3000+ different sources.
  • 4
    Coin Signals
    In All in one crypto app you will get high quality short-term trading signals generated based on trend analyzer tool, fundamental analysis, technical analysis and insider news. Also, you will get multiple targets, stop loss, hold or exit status based on further movements.
  • 5
    Leverage Signals
    As we have expert technical analyst from TOP 25 Leadership board of bitmex (ROE). We will provide you a best leverage trading signal for Bitmex platform.
  • 6
    Diamond Report
    The Diamond report will be made by famous crypto currency advisors with whom we are connected internally. This diamond report will help you to decide long-term investment in crypto currency coins
  • 7
    Personalized Twitter
    Make a personalized feed of your favourite twitter accounts and see them on single page.

  • 8
    Technical Analysis
    Pre-calculated section which show Buy and Sell indication using starndard technical analysis methods. Like, MACD, RSI and more.

Additional Features

All in one crypto App provides best services which help you to make your life easy and wealthy.

  • Coin Information
  • Crypto Screener
  • Portfolio Optimize
  • $25 Referral Price
  • SSL Secured
  • Airdrop
  • ICO Reviews
  • Communication
  • Knowledge Center
  • Trading Tips
  • Instant Notification

Registered VS Premium

To give you a full transparency we have listed all of the services and features so you can see what we are providing to the premium members.

Features Registered User Premium User
Trend Analyzer Tool With 1d time interval With all standard time interval
Coin Signals Limited Unlimited
Leverage Signals Limited Unlimited
News Engine Yes Filtered Crypto News
Personalized Twitter
Technical Analysis Five Indicators All Indicators
Diamond Reports
Coin Information
Crypto Screener
Leverage Sentiments
Trading Tips
Communication All Members Premium Members + TA Experts
ICO Reviews
Instant Notification
Knowledge Center
Requested Features
Knowledge Center On Request* On Request*
Portfolio Optimization On Request* On Request*

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