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Crypto News – All In One Crypto App

Crypto News – All In One Crypto App

Crypto News is an important factor in the fundamental based analysis. This will allow the trader to stay updated into the fast-growing market. There are different categories of news, such as partnership announcement, product launch announcement, buying or selling reasons, and much more which makes it hard to get effective news. Also, the problem with existing media is a lot of paid promotion posts and thousands of crypto news websites available over the internet to check.

With such a large number of websites, a trader will not be able to see what news is more valuable compare to another. Or let’s say you only want to see crypto news for particular coin from thousands of listed crypto coins. In such case, Artificial Intelligent based news engine by All In One Crypto App will help you.

What is the AI-Based Crypto News Section?

Artificial Intelligent (AI) based news is the section provided by All In One Crypto app to get only quality news. Our news engine is designed to scrap 1000+ crypto websites and get only valuable cryptocurrency news on the screen.

What is the source of news?

Our powerful news engine will search the internet and get the most valuable crypto news under a single platform, You can see the source of the it as well.

Category based crypto news

These are the category, our all in one crypto app crypto news engine allow.

  • Analysis: It will show technical analysis or fundamental analysis of the coins if shared by any author in any crypto news website.
  • Blockchain: It will filter the news and only shows which is related to blockchain technology
  • Exchanges: It enables exchange-related news, such as hacked or improvement of exchange, newly added coins etc.
  • General: It is a general category and can show you news related to crypto celebrity and other uncategorized news.
  • Government: It will allow you to show government-related crypto news.
  • ICOs: ICO related news.
  • Mining: Mining related news such as how to mine, how to set up miners etc.


Crypto news

Crypto news based on the coin (Premium Feature)

If you want to know news related to particular cryptocurrency coin, then our news engine will allow you to perform this action. All you have to do is select the coin, and you will be able to filter 1000+ news websites to get your interested coin news.

In all in one crypto app, let’s say you want to check only BAT (Basic Attention Token) related news. Then all you have to do is,

  • Login to All In one Crypto App
  • Go to news from the left menu bar.
  • Use the filter section to select the specific coin.
  • Let’s the magic begin and
  • Bingo…

You will get a list of news which is related to only BAT (Basic Attention Token) coin from thousands of other news websites.



Along with the news from thousands of news websites, we have also added tweets which shows the impact on the price at some point. You can visit Tweets from News Section. Similar to news, you can also filter the Tweets by using filter dropdowns.

Crypto news


Reddit is another famous platform along with Telegram for the Crypto community. Reddit is a thread-based platform which allows crypto traders to ask any question to other Reddit users.

In All In One Crypto App. We have added Reddit section so that you can see hot and recent top threads without visiting Reddit site. Similar to crypto news, you can also filter the Reddit posts by using filter dropdowns.

Crypto News


We hope you will love the all in one crypto app as we are providing the best single platform which allows you to focus on trades instead of switching different websites.

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