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All In One Crypto App – Altcoin Trading Signals

All In One Crypto App – Altcoin Trading Signals

Free altcoin trading signals this is the word that every crypto trader searches once in a google. Am I right?

Not just this one, but there are few other terms as well, such as,

  • Free altcoin trading signals in a telegram,
  • Free bitcoin trading signals,
  • Free leverage trading signals,
  • Free Binance trading signals,
  • Free Bybit trading signals 


What is common in these terms? FREE word correct? So this is why come up with this free crypto trading signals concept. Yes free* 


To explore the free altcoin trading signals, please follow the steps for website users.

  • Signup/Login to
  • Click on the altcoin signals from the menu.
  • Bingo…!! Here it is.


For Android users:

  • Open app
  • Click on login or register.
  • Open menu drawer
  • Click on altcoin signals.
  • Bingo..!! Here it is.


So how this section will works?

Cool, this is so easy to let me take you to the next level. In altcoin signals, we provide information such as buy range, sell targets, stop loss, updates, altcoin signal status. 

Here is the brief of all details:


This is the cryptocurrency coin name with a symbol.

Current Price: 

The current price is the real-time price of that particular coin.

Buy range: 

This is the range of coin price in which you needs to put buying orders. There are the best strategies with us to grab the best buying price. Contact us on @digiwhale in telegram for educational training.

Sell targets: 

There will be three targets to sell. Once you buy the coin, you need to put the sell order. Here is a tip to put the three different sell orders to minimise the risk and book the profit. All you need to do is, once you buy the coin, set 3 sell targets with 

   – Target 1 : 40% Coins

  – Target 2 : 40% Coins

  – Target 3 : 20% Coins

Stop Loss: 

The Crypto market is very volatile, Bitcoin movements impact all of the altcoin trading pairs, so in the signal, we also provide stop loss is the price when coin price moves against the trade setup. It is essential to cut the loss. As soon as you buy the coin, it would help if you considered putting SL in the first place.

Spot / Long / Short Signal: 

In the signal details, we will mention what kind of signal is that. If the signal is SPOT SIGNAL, it means you have to follow it in the SPOT market. If the signal is a LONG or SHORT signal, you have to follow it in Future Market.


Altcoin Signal


Signal Updates: 

In this part, we provide a detailed analysis of the signal. What are the reasons to offer these altcoin trading signals? What are the TA conditions satisfy by these signals and similar?


Signal Status: 

There will be four types of signal status. Which is as below:

  • Active Signals: This status means the signal is running, and this will be in blue colour
  • Success Signals: As soon as the call hit the first target, the active status will be changed to success status, and the green tick box will be there before targets.
  • Stop Loss Signal: As soon as the signal hits the SL price, the status will be changed to Stop Loss status, and the red tick box will be there before stop loss.
  • Cancelled Signal: When the signal took more than expected time, we change the signal status to cancelled status, which will be in light grey colour.


All In One Crypto App Notification:

There are few ways to get the notifications:

  1. Our Partner Telegram ChannelBinance Premium Signals
  2. Private Telegram ChannelPrivate Telegram Channel for Premium Members
  3. Our Official Telegram Group@allinonecryptoapp
  4. Our Official Notification Telegram ChannelAll In One Crypto Notification
  5. Our Bot will DM: This is for Premium users only
  6. Android App Notification: Download App Now


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All In One Crypto App

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User Friendly App

Signals are great. I love it. App also friendly to use… Nice job guys Link to Review

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