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Why this comedian doesn’t like Bitcoin or Dogecoin

There’s mixed emotion when it comes to dealing with cryptocurrencies in present times. Many skeptics consider digital currencies to be a speculative bubble whereas some consider cryptocurrency to be the future. However, Bill Maher, popular comedian, wasn’t shy venting his frustration about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in his latest ‘Real time with Bill Maher’ edition. In […]
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Ethereum’s AAVE, WBTC link that traders need to know

Ethereum registered a massive bullish week toward the end of April. Surging by 34% at press time, ETH has been able to outperform BTC after the recent dip in mid-April. While Bitcoin was still consolidating under the $60,000 mark, Ether went on to register a new all-time high. Surprisingly, its on-chain metrics have differed in […]
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Bitcoin vs Ethereum: These assets offer highest profits to certain types of traders

Ethereum offers high profitability to short-term HODLers and that makes it popular with retail traders. Institutions like Grayscale are known to HODL ETH, which is held in their AUM. Currently, Grayscale’s ETH Holdings have remained largely the same, close to the 3.2 Million level based on data from Grayscale. The price has no visible relationship […]
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