Bitcoin $BTC Ethereum $ETH Crypto Market Update 4th Jan 2021

Bitcoin $BTC Ethereum $ETH Crypto Market Update 4th Jan 2021

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It’s been a while to share a proper market update here in the blog so today. Let’s check it out.

Bitcoin or BTC Crypto Market Update:

As said in our previous post, I don’t see any reason to sell BTC at $23xxx level unless there is a daily candle below $22,5xx level, which didn’t happen. So today we all know what the current price of BTC is. So congratulations 🎉 to all of those traders who read the post and act accordingly. We are in a massive profit of  $10,000 within a week.

$10,000 Profit on 1 BTC:

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Next prediction of BTC

By looking at the chart, I can say that BTC is in the big rally and the news coming since mid-December 2020 is really fueling the BTC for further upward moves. I mean there can be correction or retracement, but the overall scenario of Bitcoin is really bullish.  As Bitcoin broke all psychological resistance at rounding number like nothing, bitcoin’s next possible target would be $35k, and later it can touch $41k.

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Bitcoin Monthly Chart

As we can see in the monthly chart. There is tiny upper wick present into the Dec 2020 monthly candle, which indicates bulls are really in control of the price and the upward movements are predictable.

Bitcoin Weekly Chart

As per the weekly chart, Bitcoin closed weekly candle above the extended trend-based Fibb level 1.618, so the next move of BTC can be direct from this level to a given zone which is at $40k – $41k or first there will be small drop to the green range and then upward moves.

Invalidation State:

When BTC close daily candle below the green zone, the above setup will be invalidated.


ETH Ethereum Update:

By looking at the weekly chart, ETH has formed a double bottom. The double bottom’s neckline was at $300-$350 level in Sep- Oct 2020. In the same period, I have informed so many time to buy ETHEREUM to HODL. You can see that here.

Today’ ETH is traded at $11xx level, and the next price of the ETH would be all-time high which is at $1370 – $1420 level. Once we see ETH closed daily candle above that level, there will be new all-time value for ETH. Overall, I will hold it for a few weeks but will act accordingly if there is any potential confirmation given by chart. Make sure you join our telegram channel and group to get the update—the link provided below in this post.

Altcoin Market Update:

The altcoin market is popping up with USDT pairs while major BTC pairs are still bearish to trade. So make sure you only follow the signals given in the USDT market. If there is any potential signal available, I will definitely share that in our All In One Crypto App.


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