Auto Trading Crypto with All In One Crypto App

Auto Trading Crypto with All In One Crypto App

Hey guys,

We are glad to inform you about our new feature Auto Trading. As you guys, tell us multiple time about signals that you got missed because of various reason such as timezone, notification issue or anything else. So we listened to you and developed one auto follow signals thing which can help you to make passive income in crypto. So lets dig into this and know how this trading will be done. 

How Auto Trading will work in All in One Crypto App?

As we know in the market there are some AI based auto trading systems available, which work based on trading indicators and at the end relying on just indicator will suffer you from the loss. To over come this traditional system All In One Crypto App introduce Auto Follow Signal Trading concept. So when our expert trader post any new signal, our auto trading bot will collect the necessary information that you have set in configuration such as API details, Portfolio management items etc and it will calculate the order stuffs and open it in Binance exchange. So in this case there is nothing to do for you. Everything will be done by bot. It will simply put buy orders there, once the buy order execute, it will automatically open OCO orders based on sell target % you have set while configuration.

How do I enable it in my account?

In order to enable auto trading, you must be our premium user. If you are premium user then you can simply go to AUTO TRADING CONFIG menu and start configure it. All of the necessary information are there so kindly read it carefully before enabling auto trading bot.

Number of auto follow signal limit based on packages

There are 3 packages we are providing at this time so we have set limit for auto follow signal as below.

Package Name Basic Pro Advanced
# of Auto Follow Signals 10 / Month 25 / Month (75 / 3 Months) Unlimited

Checkout our AFFORDABLE pricing here: Premium Plan

How the signal count will be consider?

We are very user friendly from the beginning of the app launch so we have very fair signal counter. When our expert send any signal and if signal posted successfully without any error than and only than the number of signals will be deducted. In some case, we may cancel the call because of some other reason than, the signal counter will add +1 in your signal count. So in short, when trade got successfully executed we will decrease -1 from the signal counter for you.

Is this added in mobile application?

Yes, Go to menu and click on auto trading config

What is the best configuration?

Once you become a premium member you can simply setup the bot with below instruction as we have added just 2 steps to start passive income.

  1. login to your account in allinonecrypto app/website
  2. Go to Auto Trading Config page from the menu
  3. Open new account on binance with given link (This is recommended)
  4. make api key in new account with name allinonecryptoapp, you can use any other name too.
  5. copy and paste the given api key in allinonecrypto app bot config page.
  6. set below configuration:
    1. Order Type: Market
    2. Base currency: BTC
    3. Portfolio Use To Buy (%): 10
    4. Sell Target 1 (%): 60
    5. Sell Target 2 (%): 40
    6. Sell Target 3 (%): 0
    7. Auto Close Trade: 7
  7. If your binance portfolio is <$500, Change Portfolio Use to Buy to 25%
  8. Click on Save

My Setup:

I have 2 binance account, One is another allinonecrypto app and other one is my old one.

I use both account.

  1. All In One Crypto App: I deposited some Bitcoins over here and keep it on for auto trading. NO MANUAL TRADE IN THIS ACCOUNT. NO CONNECTED WITH ANY OTHER APP.
  2. Old Account: Using this account for some manual trade and derivative trades. Never connected with any other bot or nor connected with any app.

My trading setup is same as given above in 6th step. Copy same if you have > $2000

Anything else?

Please contact us in telegram @allinonecryptoapp

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